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Who we are

Hello world! My name is Tania. I am from Ukrania. Привет.меня зовут Таня я с Украины.я замужем мужа зовут Вова. а дочка  зовут Эйлина 

Hello world! My name is Toure. I am a student of Italian. Je vous invite a faire comme moi, car l' integration commence par la langue. (Vi invito a fare come me, poiché l'integrazione inizia attraverso la lingua)

Hello world! My name is Viktoriia. I am from Ukrania. I live in Italy now. I am married and very happy!  Привет Мир! Меня зовут ВИКТОРИЯ,я из Украины,но живу в Италии.Я замужем и очень счаслива.Моя мечта „МИР ВО ВСЁМ МИРЕ”.Присоединяйтесь к нам!!!!! ( mio sogno è che ci sia pace in tutto il mondo!!!)
Park Pravdy in my town Krivoy Rog 

Hello world! My name is Hanqiu. I am from China, from Wuyishan.

Hi world! I am Ming. I am sixteen, but I am still single!!! I am from Fujian, in China. I am a student in Cesenatico. I like Italy (a bit). I like a game called LOL (League of Legends). 你好!我叫铭。我十六岁,单身。我来自福建。我是一名是学生。我在意大利。我喜欢意大利。(一点) 我喜欢玩LOl

Hello world :-)...! My name is Sariou and I'm from Senegal,I am Senegalese. I am sixteen. I am a student in Cesena at the school called A.Righi where I go in the  morning while in the evening I go to the CPIA school (at Anna Frank)...!  I arrived in Italy one year and four months ago, I like the country <3...! Je vous conseille d'utuliser cet site car c'est très interessent, merci.

Hello world! My name is Angela and I am from Albania.I am eighteen years old and I am a student in Cesena.I like Italy, but in the future I would like to return to my country.My home town is Elbasan,it is in the center of Albania. Jeta eshte e bukur nese di ta jetosh.Ju pershendes.

My name is Ann.I am from Russia in Moscow. I am married, My husband is Italian, he's a policeman. We live in Cesena in the north of Italy. We like travelling. I like Italian food.Russia is a very big country and our President is Putin.Меня зовут Анна я  из Москвы. Мне очень нравится жить в Москве у меня там остались мои подруги моя змечательная квартира и мое прошлое. Мой муж итальянец и поэтому я приехала жить в Италию .

Hello dears! My name is Diacomo Vinicius Angioletti, I am from Brazil. My parents live in the south of Brazil. I have one brother his name is Ranieri,he is a married. I love Italy because it's a country with a long history. Gosto muito do sul do brasil porque o clima e muito bom , tem as 4 estacoes. Gosto de andar na praia e faco muito esporte, gosto muito da comida do brasil porque a muita diversidade. 

Hello World !My name is Liu YingHong and i'm sixteen years old , from Zhejiang China. But now i'm in Italy with my family. I have a sister, her name is Liu JingHong and she is ten years old. 我是一个中国人,现在跟我的家人一起呆在意大利,我觉得意大利是一个漂亮的城市,这里的人都是很有礼貌的,这里的景色是非常漂亮的,虽然我现在没有去过很多地方,但以后会有机会去意大利的每个地方看看。

Hello dears,my name is Asma Fadel ,I am from Morocco, I'm Moroccan and I am eighteen years old.I live in Italy now with my father and my brother but my mother is in Morocco.I like Italian people , I always say Italy is my second country. My favourite subjects are English and French and my favourite hobbies are listening to the music and playing tennis .السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته أنا أسماء مغربية الأصل .أعيش في إيطاليا و هي أيظا بلدي الثاني.لقد إشتقت كثيرا لبلدي و لأهلي هناك .بالنسبة إلي المغرب أحسن بلد و أروع في العالم.

 My name is Diyana.I am from Bulgaria, but I live in Italy now.I am 27. I have been  married for 3 years and now I am pregnant.I have one brother.He is 30 and he is married.I have one nephew.My nephew is 3 years old.My parents live in Spain.I studied economics in Bulgaria. Now, I don't work, I am studying and I am waiting for my baby.

Hello brother and sister,my name is Niang,I am 18 years old I live in Italy but I am Senegalese.I live in Cesena since Aogust 2014. I live with my father.I go to school in the morning at Lugaresi Institute and I play football in Rumagna in Cesena in the afternoon.In the everning I go to CPIA(ANNA FRANK).I love English because is an international language.Io vi consiglio di usare questo sito perche é troppo interesante.
Hello Brothers and Sisters out there!! My name is MOMO and i am from SENEGAL, so i am senegalese.I am 18 years old. I live in Italy with my family. I'D like to become GANGSTER "ahaha" it is a joke. In reality i want to become a great Businessman. I like reading history novels and love stories.I am a student at Comandini in the morning and i go to CPA in the afternoon at ANNA FRANK in Cesena. Sama gayi manilene begue ak dilene ziar. dilene yene diam ak salam. Dilene niakh guene utiliser group bi. DIAGIENE DIEUF

My name is Julian Lleshi, I am from Albania, i am eighteeen years old. I have lived here for one year . I like it here. 
Hello brother and sister , my name is Sylla. I am from Senegal . I am eighteen years old , I live in Gambetola. I have lived here for eight months. My father and my mother are in Senegal now. I have two sisterS and one brother. My sister is twelve years old and my brother is eleven years old.
In the morning I go to the ENGIM who is in Cesena. In the afternoon I go to the school Anna Frank. I am not married, but I am single. Italy is famous for its unusual life style. For example, Italian people usually have lunch at 2.30 p.m and have dinner at 10.00 pm. people don't usually go to bed before midnight. I like my parents and I really love my girlfriend.

Hello world my name is Drilona I am from Albania and I am 18 years old. I live in italy now . I came in Italy in September and I am very happy being here now.Jeta eshte e bukur jetoje.

 Hi ! My name is Alex. I'm seventeen years old . I'm from Cluj Napoca (Romania) , but now I'm studying in Cesenatico (Italy). 

My name is Derrick, I am seventeen years old I was born in Italy but my parents are Nigerians- .Im very lucky because I can speak and write English very well .I have two passions,I love music and I love Basketball.I have one brother who is sixteen years old,and two sisters that are twins and they are fifteen years old.

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